In Class

Good morning class!

Alaykum el Salaam wa rahmat Ullah wa barakat

Lesson one: Alphabets

A . . . Aaaaaaa

B . . . Bbbbbbbb

C . . .  Ccccccccc

Is the beginning of learning.

Open your mouth and say it now . . .

A is for Apple

What is apple, Teacher?

B is for Banana

I know banana . . . yeah!

C is for Cat

Why do cats meo meo, Teacher?

Oh, and Old McDonald had a cat

Aaahh . . .  Baah . . .  Taah    

From left to right, please:    ا     ب    ت

                                                  ألف    باء     تاء   

A sentence please, for example.

The boy rang the bell, in Arabic.             ضرب  الولد  الجرس

Why did boy hit the bell, Teacher?

Teacher says:

The boy rang the bell.                  ضرب  الولد  الجرس

The bell was rang by the boy.

The school bell rings.


Class ends.





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